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Pure Volume Shampoo 266ml

Pure Volume Shampoo 266ml

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A volume shampoo - For fine flat hair 

A gentle volumising shampoo for sensitised colour-treated hair, the Pureology Extra Care Shampoo contains lightly balanced cationic polymers to remove volume inhibiting buildup and oil but won't remove natural oils and colour.

The Pure Volume System delivers body-boosting formulas that weightlessly elevate strands for a light, airy, full-bodied finish and extraordinary colour protection. Flexible volumisers, fortifying wheat protein and refreshing eucalyptus lift hair, help stimulate the scalp and add shine. Ultra gentle cleansers remove volume-inhibiting buildup to infuse hair with fullness, while exclusive AntiFade Complex protects colour vibrancy. The signature aromatherapy is a blend of musk, amber, peach and jasmine.

Pureology Pure Volume - Shampoo contains ZeroSulphate, high foaming, light formula removes volume inhibiting build-up more thoroughly to weightlessly elevate hair with increased volume, shine and colour protection.

Flexible body boosters, fortifying wheat protein, eucalyptus and the exclusive AntiFadeComplex®, deliver magnificent volume and colour retention.



  • Concentrated volumising shampoo for extra-sensitised, fine colour-treated hair
  • Provides additional detangling and slip
  • Sulphate free
  • Contains natural plant extracts
  • 100% vegan
  • Sulphate-free shampoo cleanses without drying
  • Creates volume and body
  • Creates lightweight volume without damaging colour
  • Increases shine


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