Hair Extensions

Studio 8 hair are working with Seamless 1 to bring you a range of hair extension services.

Our qualified technicians are happy to discuss and advise clients on which range of extensions will suit their hair type, lifestyle and bank balance.

Tape extensions, beaded extensions and keratin bonded extensions are the 3 main types of extensions on the market at the moment. All 3 can be used to create length, thickness and add colour.


Tape Hair Extensions

Tape extensions are our most popular type of extensions, suiting a majority of hair types and are the quickest of all our hair extensions to apply and remove. A full head can generally be applied in under an hour. The tapes consist of pairs of one–inch wide pre-taped hair wefts that are applied to both sides of a section of your natural hair to create a “sandwich’. These then sit flat against the head making them hard to spot. 


Beaded Hair Extensions

Beaded Hair Extensions, also known as tips, microbeads and individuals, are one of the most popular types of hair extensions for clients with an active lifestyle. This is due to the fact they are the easiest to be worn up as they can rotate 180° from point of placement on the head making them ideal for those who want to put their hair up.

Micro-beads are attached to the head discretely with beads. The hair extension is threaded through the bead with a small piece of your own hair and clamped into place, adding volume and length. There are no damaging tools involved and the application does not take that long. 

If you think hair extensions could be for you book online or call us on 9976 6588 to book your FREE consultation with one of our hair extension experts. You can ask all your hair extension questions and we can discuss the right length and colour match to suit your hair and lifestyle, with no obligation to book or purchase.